What is GView all about?

GView is my attempt to learn more about the GTK / GDK libraries in the form of a simple image viewer. GView is also intented to help others learn more about the GTK and GDK libraries (the code is VERY heavily commented).

Please feel free to download the application to use it for viewing your image files, learning to code GTK apps, or maybe just to make me feel like I did something useful.

If you're interested in what GView could do for you here's a quick list of its short feature set:

  • Command-line viewing of image files (.bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .png, etc)
  • Ability to zoom in on image areas
  • Ability to resize the image (larger or smaller) during runtime
  • Images automatically resize to best fit your screen's resolution

GView is available for download here. Just unpack it and run the compile.sh script to build it.

How to use it?

GView is invoked from the command-line (or from a file browser like Rox, Mozilla or Nautilus.

Example: gview family_picture.jpg

Once the image is displayed there are a couple of commands that the app recieves all via the mouse or the keyboard (there's no menu in the app).

  • Left mouse - click and hold to drag the application window.
  • Scroll wheel - roll forward to enlarge the image, roll backward to shrink the image.
  • Middle mouse - click to zoom in on an area of the image.
  • Right mouse - click to restore the image to its original size.
  • i - display the images information such as original width and height and current width and height.
  • r - restore the image to its original size

More to come...